Cultural Intelligence Solutions & Products

Cultural Intelligence eLearning

MFHA’s Cultural Intelligence eLearning Series is designed to increase employee awareness and knowledge of cultural groups so that they can deliver better customer service and increase team engagement. Developed primarily for managers and supervisors, these modules provide a self-paced, interactive course focused on building knowledge about diverse cultural groups. LEARN MORE
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Cultural Intelligence Assessments

Existing corporate culture and inclusion programs vs. Best Practices of corporate leaders in the field The Quick Cultural Intelligence Assessment (QCIA).

Over the past 18 years, MFHA has compiled the most important culture and inclusion best practices from its corporate members and other acknowledged leaders in the field, there have been built into this assessment. LEARN MORE


Engaging Employees from Diverse Cultural Groups

This cultural exploration and learning workshop is the first of its kind in the Foodservice and Hospitality industry. Cultural identity is explored with sensitivity and respect while exposing attendees to the experiences, beliefs and expectations of Asians, Blacks and Latinos (3-D) in America. LEARN MORE


Multicultural Talent Acquisition Consulting

This workshop delivers “culturally relevant” consulting, strategy development and coaching services to effectively engage the best talent from Asian, Black, Latino and other cultural groups. This workshop will provide strategies to build a multicultural employment branding initiative. A combination of live meetings, phone calls and virtual communication will be used to create a compelling brand story that resonates with emerging talent. LEARN MORE


Multicultural Career Enhancement Workshop

Individuals must take ownership of their personal career development. This is especially true for minority and multicultural talent as it is not uncommon for these individuals to be the first in their family to work in a corporate setting. The sooner these employees learn the behaviors and norms of the company culture, the more success they will have with their careers. LEARN MORE


Cultural Intelligence Experience (for Student)

The MFHA Cultural Intelligence Experience is an interactive, in-person workshop that takes participants through a series of intellectual and emotional experiences using video, scenario play, and “straight talk” dialog that challenges them to think inclusively and more deeply about their interactions with various cultural groups in order to engage and become a more effective communicator. LEARN MORE